Himalaya Quista PRO Laddu

Himalaya Quista PRO Laddus for the festive season.

To make these guilt-free, energizing laddus, you need:
1) Walnuts
2) Dates
3) Lentils
4) Himalaya Quista PRO

1) Chop the walnuts and deseeded dates.
2) Fry walnuts until they turn golden.
3) Fry the lentils like you would with dal.
4) Add Himalaya Quista PRO protein shake powder.
5) Blend all of them coarsely and shape them like Laddus.

Since dates are an energy booster and contain a natural sweetener, there is no sugar or jaggery added in these energy laddus. Consumption of dates helps reduce cholesterol and relieves stress from the body.

Walnuts help promote brain function. They contain omega 3 fatty acids and help improve memory and focus. Walnuts help facilitate weight loss and give the laddus a crunchy texture. Rich in vitamins, iron, minerals, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus, the ingredient promotes bone health. It helps increase stamina and reduces digestive problems.