General Product Questions

1. What is the concept of Quista Pro?
  1. Quista Pro delivers 22g of high quality protein from whey per serve with added calcium, vitamins and benefits from botanical ingredients.
  2. The treasures of Ayurveda have given us the ‘unique benefits from nature’ which have been added to Quista Pro. (Asthisamhara or Hadjod [Cissus quadrangularis], Ashvagandha [Withania somnifera] and Dadima [Punica gratum/Pomegranate]) are known to help maintain muscle and bone health during intense periods of workouts. The botanical ingredients are reported to improve, stamina, endurance and also hasten recovery by reducing the muscle soreness post workout; thereby helping to resume workouts without hindrance every day.
  3. Quista Pro contains the ‘3 Whey Benefit’ which offers all three fractions of whey (WPC, WPI and WPH). The protein in Quista Pro is ultra-fast absorbing whey protein hydrolysate (WPH), whey protein isolate (WPI) and whey protein concentrate (WPC).The whey protein fractions in Quista Pro is derived from advanced filtration method that removes most of the non-essential fats and carbohydrates leaving the best quality protein with the highest PDCAAS. Whey proteins are naturally rich in Essential Amino acids (EAAs), Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) and glutamine which promote muscle building as they get absorbed quickly and directly aid in muscle protein rebuilding.
  4. Quista Pro is additionally, ‘sugar-free’, has ‘no preservatives’, has ‘no added colour’ and ‘transfat free’. Quista Pro is free from sucrose and is holistically designed to cater to larger groups of fitness enthusiasts.
  5. Quista Pro contains fast absorbing dextrose, which helps stimulate the anabolic action of insulin, thereby promoting muscle building and preventing muscle breakdown.
  6. The addition of B complex vitamins and calcium help in muscle and bone health.
2. How will Quista Pro help in my exercise and sports performance?

Supplements like Quista Pro helps in many ways:

  1. Promotes adaptations to training
  2. Increases energy supply
  3. Allows more consistent and intensive training by promoting recovery between training sessions
  4. Maintains good health and reduces breaks in training due to fatigue, illness or injury.
  5. Enhances competitive performance
  6. Provides convenient source of nutrients prior to, during and after exercise and competitions.

Label related -Serving size, storage, usage instructions

1. Is Quista Pro vegetarian?

Quista Pro is vegetarian (has vegetarian logo) as it contains whey which is derived from a milk/dairy and some micronutrients that are synthetically sourced.

2. In what flavours is Quista Pro available? And what is pack size of Quista Pro?

Quista Pro is available in Chocolate flavor. It is available in 1 kg and 2 kg plastic bottles (HDPE containers). Physician samples of the 1 serve (34g) pack is also available.

3. What is the shelf life of Quista Pro? Where can I find that information?

The shelf life of Quista Pro is 18 months (1 year and 6 months). This information can be found at the side panel of the container.

4. What are the storage instructions for Quista Pro?

Store in a hygienic, cool & dry place away from strong odours & direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. Replace the cap tightly, immediately after use. Once Quista Pro bottle is opened, it should be kept at room temperature and can be used within 1 month of opening. Store out of reach of children.

5. Does Quista Pro have any sugar?

No, Quista Pro does not contain sugar in the form of sucrose. Hence, we have the label claim of ‘no added sugar’.

Target consumers of Quista Pro

1. Who is the target consumer for Quista Pro?

Body building professionals, sports enthusiasts, college students, fitness conscious individuals who need to develop lean muscle mass should consume Quista Pro.

2. Will I still benefit from consuming Quista Pro if I am not into competitive sports?

Quista Pro contains 22g high quality proteins that is easily digested and assimilated. It helps reduce fatigue and improves stamina even in those who are not into competitive sports but are physically active and spend over 30- 45 minutes engaged in fitness related exercises. However, additional calories or proteins if not being utilized by the body, will only contribute to a nutritional imbalance. For those in active fitness but not competitive sports do not have a very high requirement for additional nutrients; hence, a heaped tablespoon of about 20g of Quista Pro powder drink once a day should suffice for your needs.

3. Are there any indications due to which Quista Pro should not be consumed? Why?

Quista Pro is rich in proteins (22g/serving). For those with kidney disease or conditions with compromised renal function, proteins may not be metabolized and eliminated properly from the body. It is advisable to consult your medical health practitioner in case of any health related issues prior to consumption of Quista Pro to ensure no adverse effects.

4. Can Quista Pro be consumed by children?

Quista Pro is not harmful for a normal healthy population. However, Quista Pro contains artificial sweetener sucralose which is approved by FSSAI for use but, it is not recommended for children. Hence, a mandatory statement is put on pack “No recommended for children’. Also, is important to consult a medical /nutrition professional to establish need for high protein consumption prior to drinking it. Do not exceed recommended daily usage and this supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet.

5. Is it safe pregnant or lactating women to drink Quista Pro?

Quista Pro is not harmful for a normal healthy population. However, Quista Pro is not advised for pregnant and lactating women. It is important to consult a medical /nutrition professional before consumption. This supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet.

6. Can Quista Pro be consumed by both men and women?

Yes, Quista Pro can be consumed by both men and women and will meet RDA of protein needs in different levels for men and women as requirements vary. Requirements also vary based on level of physical activity. Hence, percent RDA met is calculated based on needs for a ‘heavy work’ male according to ICMR guidelines. Sports persons with high physical activity (heavy work) is the target population for this product. Do not exceed recommended daily usage and this supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet.

7. Will the elderly benefit from consuming Quista Pro?

Yes, Quista Pro can be consumed by the elderly. According to experts, age does not reduce the ability of whey protein to activate the cellular processes controlling protein synthesis in muscle. Therefore, older citizens will also benefit from regular whey ingestion, particularly after exercise, to help maintain skeletal muscle mass and strength. Whey may be more important in older citizens as it appears that older muscle is more responsive to fast protein than younger muscle. Providing whey protein in older citizens will help preserve skeletal muscle mass.

8. Can lactose allergic person take Quista Pro?

Lactose is a sugar present naturally in milk/dairy based products. Individuals who cannot digest lactose well may have lactose intolerance. Research suggests that adults and adolescents with lactose intolerance can eat or drink at least 12 grams of lactose in one sitting without symptoms or with only minor symptoms. This amount is the amount of lactose in 1 cup of milk.

There is no regulations currently to limit presence of lactose in a product for adults/adolescents. Quista Pro is not lactose free as it contains dairy based ingredients. Lactose intolerance varies from person to person and individuals must use their discretion while consuming Quista Pro. Consult your physician for personal medical advice.

9. Can Gluten allergic person take Quista Pro?

Quista Pro’s analytical report shows that the gluten content is less than 5ppm. FSSAI Regulations (May 4th 2016) state the limit for gluten to be in a product for a ‘gluten free’ claim is 20ppm. Hence, our product is acceptable under the stated regulations.

10. Does Quista Pro contain carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates from dextrose and lactose (not sucrose-table sugar) is present in Quista Pro. Quista Pro contains fast absorbing dextrose, as there is scientific evidence to show that it helps stimulate the anabolic action of insulin, thereby promoting muscle building and preventing muscle breakdown. Dextrose and lactose in the product also provide instant energy in the drink and is especially useful in replenishment during and post work out.

11. Is sucralose in Quista Pro safe for daily consumption?

Sucrose may be avoided when trying to build lean muscle mass. A good no calorie alternative is Sucralose. Sucralose is safe for human consumption upto 900mg/day for an average man weighing 60 kgs whereas Quista pro would have only 31.8 mg of Sucralose per day with 2 servings. This minute amount of Sucralose far outweighs the disadvantages of using sucrose. Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) permits the use of Sucralose in Health Supplements at maximum limit of 2,400 mg/kg of final product. Quista Pro has only 466.4mg of Sucralose in 1kg of the final product which is well within the approved limits.

Sucralose is a good no calorie sweetener and is safe when used in accordance with international guidelines. Most international quality brands for building lean muscle mass avoid sugar and use sucralose instead for best results.

Following links further establish the safety of Sucralose:

Dosage, Timings and Benefits

1. What is the dosage of Quista Pro for an active sports person (competitive sports category)?

Add one scoop (34g) of Quista Pro to a glass containing approximately 180ml of water and stir briskly until mixed well. Or, you can pour 180ml water into a shaker containing one scoop (34g) of Quista Pro. Cover and shake vigorously for 20-25 seconds and consume. Tastes best when made with chilled water. To make a thicker, more calorie rich shake, use milk instead of water.

2. What is the dosage of Quista Pro for a physically active person who maintains a healthy lifestyle (leisure time/recreational sports category)?

For those with a healthy and active lifestyle, drink Quista pro by mixing one heaped tablespoon (20g) in 200ml milk to obtain one third of your RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of proteins in 1 serving (13g in powder + 16g in 200ml whole milk=29g).

3. What are the ways to make my Quista Pro drink nutritious?

Add the required amount of Quista Pro to a blending along with fruit chunks like banana, apple, mango, guava and nuts to make a nutritious meal. You can also add ‘power’ to your recipes by adding many of your favourite foods and drinks by adding it to yogurt, breakfast cereals or in baked goods.

4. For how many days should I consume Quista Pro to get benefits?

Quista Pro can be consumed for any length of time if no other contraindications/coexisting health issues are present. Check with your medical health professional for any health concerns.

5. Can Quista Pro be consumed in the morning or late at night?

Quista Pro contains good quality proteins that helps in anabolic response of muscle after intense physical activity. It can be consumed 3-4 hours prior to and after the activity to gain benefits. Specific timing of protein and carbohydrate ingestion would vary depending on individual preference and tolerance, as well as exercise duration.

6. Can Quista Pro be consumed instead of a snack or a meal?

Quista Pro can be consumed as a snack prior to and after intense physical activity of at least 45 minutes or more to obtain maximal benefits. Whey proteins and WPH in specific, has the ability to be quickly absorbed and will provide energy and required nutrition for muscle activity during exercise. Do not exceed recommended daily usage and this supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet.

7. Can Quista Pro be consumed with other medications?

Quista Pro contains high quality proteins, vitamins, minerals and herbs and is a food based approach to muscle building. However, its interactions and effects with other medications concomitantly being taken is best checked by a medical doctor.

8. Is Quista Pro safe for use by international sports person who undergoes WADA/NADA (Dope) testing?

Quista Pro is a nutritional supplement formulated from food grade ingredients approved by FSSAI. It does not contain any banned ingredients/substances listed under WADA/NADA.